Alpine National Park – Licola

10.2.17 - 12.2.17

Halfway between the border of New South Wales and Melbourne lies the Alpine National Park; but more specifically for this post, Licola. Approximately a 3.5 hour drive from Melbourne, you will be led into a dense and lush location.There are many areas that provide an adequate location to camp on and for this trip I decided to set up along the Wellington River, which consists of 13 different sites.   

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 11.12.11 am
Once set up, there are a variety of hikes that surround the area that you can undertake ranging from all day hikes to just a couple of hours. For this trip however I planned on tackling the Crinoline trail from the Wellington river, the full duration of this hike is 2-3 days; however there is also an alternative 5 hour hike (return) that will get you to the top and back without having to do the full 2-3 days.

blog 3

I feel this is a good place to step up your hiking game as there a few more challenging trails throughout the area in comparison to my last hike (Link:

Furthermore, across the bridge into Licola holds a small convenience shop and fuel station; there is only the basic essentials in this store however about an hour drive away is Heyfield which has a wider variety of shops and 1 




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