Alpine National Park – Licola

10.2.17 - 12.2.17

Halfway between the border of New South Wales and Melbourne lies the Alpine National Park; but more specifically for this post, Licola. Approximately a 3.5 hour drive from Melbourne, you will be led into a dense and lush location.There are many areas that provide an adequate location to camp on and for this trip I decided to set up along the Wellington River, which consists of 13 different sites.   

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Once set up, there are a variety of hikes that surround the area that you can undertake ranging from all day hikes to just a couple of hours. For this trip however I planned on tackling the Crinoline trail from the Wellington river, the full duration of this hike is 2-3 days; however there is also an alternative 5 hour hike (return) that will get you to the top and back without having to do the full 2-3 days.

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I feel this is a good place to step up your hiking game as there a few more challenging trails throughout the area in comparison to my last hike (Link:

Furthermore, across the bridge into Licola holds a small convenience shop and fuel station; there is only the basic essentials in this store however about an hour drive away is Heyfield which has a wider variety of shops and 1 




Wilsons Promontory – Southern Circuit


18.12.16 - 21.12.16

My first 'official' hike, located at the very very bottom of Victoria (2.5 hour drive from Melbourne)  
reveals Wilsons Promontory. I undertook the southern circuit which consisted of a 3 day 59km loop, starting and finishing at Tidal River.  
Day 1 consisted of hiking from Tidal River to Halfway Hut (12.3km), the large majority of this section was sand based and included crossing an extremely vast beach (Oberon Bay) until a narrow track took me through the shrubbery towards halfway hut.

Day 2 led me from Halfway Hut to Refuge Cove (28.8km), this was a pretty intense day with the majority of the hike consisting of walking uphill. However also most rewarding, as I was able to visit the most southern lighthouse in Australia and discover the deserted beach of Little Waterloo Bay. Furthermore, from Little Waterloo Bay I hiked the remaining hours of daylight to Refuge Cove in which I set up camp for the night. 
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Day 3 brought the journey's end but also the most tranquil sights I had seen throughout the hike. From Refuge Cove to Mt Oberon and back to Tidal River (18.6km), I would have to say this was my favorite part of the hike due to the crystal blue waters and other empty beaches. 
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I would recommend this hike to anyone who is just starting off, as you can choose sections of the hike to do and still return within the day or two. Below is a link to the actual site which can provide you with extra info.


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 Furthermore, my posts will date back to the starting point (late 2016) of my travels until current times. As for the capturing, all photos are original and are simply taken on my GoPro 3+.



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* December 2016, Wilsons Promontory National Park (Refuge Cove)